Design Details - Construction

What Makes Alumaweld Boats Better?

engineeringWhat Makes Alumaweld Boats Better? In a word…engineering. Sophisticated engineering results in better running performance, consistency, strength, and comfort. Proper engineering assures that you'll have plenty of legroom and walk-thru space, generous freeboard for seaworthiness, and an unobstructed view of the water for safe running. Without engineering it's all guesswork…a chance Alumaweld's not willing to take.

Precision Cut Parts

Exceptional performance starts with precision construction. Alumaweld's exclusive engineering results in parts that meet exacting tolerances. No other manufacturer addresses these issues as vigorously as Alumaweld. It's simple; if you want your boat to be the best it can be, everything has to be right from the very start. That's why Alumaweld goes the extra mile... from start-to-finish.

Pre-Formed Parts

Alumaweld Boat's chine, keel and gunnel extrusions are all pre-formed so that each part fits better, all welds occur in a "stress free" environment, and every boat meets Alumaweld's rigorous engineering standards. Pre-formed parts are an important and fundamental difference that makes Alumaweld Boats better…from the start!

Rigid Jig Construction

Consistency is everything in boat building. Alumaweld's developed proprietary jigs that are used to assure exact placement and fit of the sides, bottom, windshield, and superstructure. The result? Consistently excellent boats.

100% Welds...Stronger - Better!

Every Alumaweld boat relies on continuous welds for superior strength. Partial or "skip" welds can break easily unlike continuous welds that add toughness and long lasting durability.

Why Buy Alumaweld?

Alumaweld's exclusive engineering enables every boat to achieve the highest standard of overall performance available.

Performance you'll feel and appreciate as long as you own the boat.

Dry Ride: Alumaweld's unique chine, bottom, and bow design knocks down annoying spray and wind chop, actually deflecting it away from the boat, keeping you, and your passengers dry.

Visibility: Alumaweld designs its windshields so you have full view of the area around you. Seeing your surroundings easily and comfortably enhances your safety and makes your boating experience a complete pleasure.

Comfort: Every Alumaweld has been ergonomically designed so your comfort is assured.

Service: Alumaweld's broad dealer network means you're never far from service or parts if you need it. Your connection to long-term boating satisfaction rests in Alumaweld's continued commitment to service and Alumaweld's network of hardworking dealers.

Resale: A feature few consider when they buy a boat, Alumaweld Boats achieve consistently high resale values because they're the #1 selling heavy gauge, welded aluminum boat in the business.