Alumaweld Models

Alumaweld Models

Alumaweld produces different "families" of boats to suit specific applications, needs and budgets. Although each family is uniquely different, what every Alumaweld has in common is...superior construction, detail, running performance, materials and finish. 

Free Drifter (18 ft. and 20 ft.)
Designed to float level, track true and plane easily, the Free Drifter meets the demand of application-specific anglers who are looking for a shallow-water ride that drifts properly and is laid out for a variety of drift fishing strategies. A forward positioned fuel tank and 6 degree whitewater bottom aids balanced and running performance. Available in 18' and 20' models.

Super Vee (20 ft.)
The ultimate shallow water performer, the Super Vee features a 6 degree vee with a whitewater "pad" that enable this open fishing model to effortlessly skim across riffles. Available in a 20' model, the Super Vee is a complete fishing machine that's loaded with features and fully-engineered for season-after-season fishing. 

Super Vee Pro (21 ft., 23 ft. and 25 ft.)
The most popular guide boat in the Pacific Northwest! The Super Vee Pro has earned the praise of top northwest fishing professionals. The 10 degree bottom vee is wonderfully adaptable and can capably run through shallow riffles and challenging whitewater. Loaded with storage and interior space, beautifully detailed and finished, the Super Vee Pro stands alone as the premium all-season professional grade fishing machine. Available in 21', 23' and 25' models.

Talon (18 ft. and 20 ft.)
Complete, versatile and easy-to-own, the Talon is a remarkable development in boating value. With two lengths to choose from, the 16' with a 10 degree bottom is ideally suited to either an outboard jet or prop. While the 18' with a 14 degree bottom is a great outboard prop package. Features like custom seats on pedestals, a two-bow top, rod storage and all-welded step deck, make this a premium year-round fishing package. 

Stryker (18 ft. and 20 ft)
The Stryker Series continues its reign as the most popular heavy gauge welded aluminum boat ever! The Stryker has earned the praise of outdoor, fishing, and boating writers, right along with serious sports anglers and boaters looking for the one boat that does it all. If you're ready to launch a lifetime's worth of memories, then you're ready for the Stryker. 

Stryker Inboard/Sterndrive (20 ft.)
Serious power beats at the heart of these all-season fishing boats. Wherever you fish, the Stryker ___ models will get you there. At 20 ft. these Strykers are spacious, open and easy-to-own, reflecting the best of a new breed of inboards designed expressly for serious fishing and boating. Take it up a notch and fly to the fish in Alumaweld's exciting Stryker ______ models. 

Blackhawk (20 ft.)
The Blackhawk series are all-welded heavy gauge aluminum that features an Alumadrive as standard equipment, storage box seating and Alumaweld's exclusive 18 degree Advanced Ride System bottom technology. For open water fishing the Blackhawk is the standard of excellence. 

Intruder (20 ft. and 22 ft.)
The Intruder series reflects Alumaweld's commitment to real boating value by giving you more for your boating dollar. Intruder models are wide, uncluttered fishing machines that run flawlessly, are stable and fish perfectly. Available in 20' and 22' lengths these boats possess uncommon detail, finish and engineering attributes that set them apart from any other boat in their class.

Intruder (alternative or inboard)(20 ft. and 22 ft.)
Packed with power, style and interior space, the Intruder inboards are as versatile as they are exciting to run. Choose between inboard jet and _____ power as well as a full range of engine options. All Intruder ___ models feature Alumaweld's exclusive Ride Master Vee bottom. All sterndrive models are designed with a soft-riding, full vee bottom configuration. Available in 20' and 22' lengths. 

Formula Vee (22 ft. and 24 ft.)
Revered as the finest welded aluminum boat built, the Formula Vee reflects Alumaweld's complete commitment to engineering and construction excellence. Beautifully balanced and finished, the Formula Vee is deceptively rugged and stout for serious year-after-year fishing and hunting pursuits. The 18 degree full vee bottom is perfectly matched to big water trips. 

Pacific (25 ft. and 27 ft.)
Are you ready to hit the open water with a few close friends? Then you need to experience Alumaweld's newest offering, the Pacific. Its name means calm and peaceful by nature, and you'll agree even in rough water. With the spacious cabin, you'll be able to take cover from the harshest of elements. Between the air ride seats and the 18 degree full vee wide ride bottom, you'll be sure to have a comfortable ride. If you're thinking of open water fishing, the Pacific is the answer.

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