Why buy Alumaweld?

ENGINEERING – Alumaweld’s exclusive engineering is second to none. Alumaweld engineering means you will own a more consistent, better performing and stronger boat. Exact engineering allows critical tolerances to be maintained, resulting in superior construction, ride, handling, and performance. Every Alumaweld is, therefore, better by design. Major features are what really distinguish Alumaweld from the rest.

DRY RIDE – Alumaweld’s exclusive engineering assures your ride is smooth, dry and comfortable, every trip!

BOTTOM FEATURES – Alumaweld's proprietary bottom strakes enhance the running and fishing performance of these all-season sport

The Magic Of Performance Pathtm Lifting Strakes:
• Provide added bottom support
• Welded continuously for strength
• Ride higher & drier than abbreviated bottom strakes.

Every Alumaweld boat relies on continuous welds for superior strength. Partial or "skip" welds can break easily unlike continuous welds that add toughness and long lasting durability.

The chine, keel and gunnel extrusions on Alumaweld boats are all pre-formed so that all welds occur in a "stress-free" environment.

Heavy-Duty extrusions are continuously welded and deliver unmatched strength. This is critical and aids in design consistency and construction integrity.
Exclusive extrusion designs produce exceptionally strong, yet incredibly nimble boats that handle like no other in their class.

Alumaweld’s box girders are continuously welded the entire length from the rear of the transom all the way to the forward bulkhead. These massive box girders provide the ultimate bottom support with optimum structural performance. The result is unparalleled strength.

Precision cuts resulting in exact tolerances and unrivaled consistency from one boat to the next.

• Exclusive Lifetime Hull Warranty
• Full Outside Hull Paint
• Under Floor Protective Epoxy Coating
• Full Length Box Girders
• Extruded Turning Lifting Strakes

SIDEWALL DESIGN – Less sidewall flare, taller sides, and more interior freeboard combine to make every Alumaweld more seaworthy
and secure.

BEST RUNNING – When you purchase an Alumaweld you’re buying experience, integrity, performance and a commitment that is unmatched. That’s why Alumaweld has earned the distinction of building serious fishing boats for serious fishing pleasure. The bottom line when you add it all up, Alumaweld’s are the best running, best performing boats in their class.