The History of Alumaweld

Alumaweld has defined how heavy gauge welded aluminum boats should be built and how they should perform since 1971. Alumaweld sets itself apart through sophisticated engineering, resulting in better running performance, consistency, strength, and comfort.

Major features are what really distinguish Alumaweld from the rest: features only found on Alumaweld like proprietary bottom strakes that enhance the running and fishing performance of these all-season sport boats. Exclusive extrusions that are the product of visionary engineers whose designs produce exceptionally strong yet incredibly nimble boats that handle like no other in their class. Even small details like the width of a tackle tray have been taken into account. When you purchase an Alumaweld, you're buying experience, integrity, performance and commitment that is unmatched. That's why Alumaweld has earned the distinction of building serious fishing boats for serious fishing pleasure.

Based in White City, Oregon, Alumaweld has dealers all over the country and is honored to be the provider for premium welded aluminum fishing boats in North America. Every model has been carefully designed to deliver an outstanding fishing and boating experience. Discover the Alumaweld difference.

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