Bottom Vee Designs

At The Bottom Of Every Alumaweld... A Tailored Foundation

The right "bottom vee" is an essential ingredient in any boat. It is a precise combination of length, width and application. Alumaweld has been the leader in bottom vee innovation, delivering a broad offering of bottom styles to suit your specific requirements.

6° Shallow Water Vee

Stable, quick planing, with minimal bow rise, Alumaweld's 6° shallow water vee is the shallowest bottom vee Alumaweld builds and is unique to the Super Vee and Free Drifter series and can be ordered as an option on the 21' and 23' Super Vee Pro. The ideal combination of a shallow water pad and bottom vee that's matched to engineered lifting and turning strakes, the 6° shallow water vee provides predictable control that's perfect for free-drifting, back trolling, and trolling applications.

10° Shallow Water Vee

Versatile, responsive, and sure, Alumaweld's 10° shallow water vee is well suited to a broad spectrum of fishing and boating applications. Standard on 23' and 25' Super Vee Pro models, Alumaweld's 10° shallow water vee planes effortlessly, is stable, and surprisingly comfortable in moderate chop. This bottom vee performs exceptionally well for back trolling, trolling, free drifting, and at anchor…it is an ideal bottom vee for anglers that like to "do it all".

10° Full Vee

Used on the 16' Sport Skiff & 20' Stryker, this full vee bottom works well with either outboard prop or outboard jet engines. The full vee configuration softens the ride substantially while providing a stable foundation that planes easily with limited horsepower.

14° Ride Master Vee

For versatile performance, Alumaweld's Ride Master Vee incorporates the benefit of full vee ride with a shallow water pad that enables this bottom design to run through shallow water, tow a skier, carve through corners, and glide across open water. Available on the Columbia, Stryker and the 18' and 20' Sport Skiff. This exciting new development in welded aluminum bottom vees has opened new vistas of performance to boaters that never miss a month on the water.

14° Full Vee

Offered on Alumaweld's Stryker, 18'-20' Sport Skiff, and the 18' Talon; Alumaweld's 14° full vee bottom is ideal for open water, prop drive applications. This ride-enhancing vee, tracks nicely for trolling and back trolling and carves through turns with little or no "slip".

18° Full Vee

Alumaweld's deepest vee, this bottom configuration is used on the Formula Vee Outboard, Intruder Outboard models and Stryker X. Designed for the demanding conditions of open water running, Alumaweld's 18° full vee bottom slices through big water chop more effectively than any other bottom vee Alumaweld offers, with a ride that's luxurious yet sporty. The perfect combination of Performance Path™ Lifting Strakes, bottom width, and engineered bottom design make this deep vee surprisingly nimble and quick for optimum running and fishing performance.

Full Vee

For open water use there's no better bottom vee than a full vee, that's why Alumaweld has developed 10°, 14°, and 18° bottoms. A full vee bottom slices through the water, which makes for a smoother, softer ride. The more "vee" that's added to the bottom the softer the ride. Full vee bottoms cut through tight turns making them the surest handling bottom vee Alumaweld builds. In the case of Alumaweld's 10° full vee bottom, a unique benefit of this bottom vee is that it can be rigged with either outboard jet or prop power.

Shallow Water Bottom

Often called a "pad", a long flat and true running surface is important in delivering a clean flow of water to an outboard jet. This pad, allows the boat to run easily through shallow riffles and rapids. Alumaweld builds two shallow water bottoms, the 6° and 10°.

Ride Master Vee

This exciting new bottom vee is a balanced combination of a full vee that runs nearly the entire length of the boat to a wide pad at the stern. This bottom configuration rides beautifully and handles with ease and sureness. Incredibly versatile, this hull design is at-home just about anywhere you want to go boating…whitewater, open water shallow water --- you name it, the Ride Master Vee will get you there.