Alumaweld Seats

Better Support, Better Seats

When it comes to seats, we pay attention to the areas
you'll appreciate where you sit. Alumaweld seats are a reflection
of our total commitment to your comfort and satisfaction. Every Alumaweld seat
is crafted in-house, so it's built right. Our seats are designed for
ultimate comfort and longevity. The materials that we choose are durable,
long-lasting, and easy to maintain. Choose your preferred model and then
customize it further with arm rests and your choice of base. 

  • Comfort Seat

    Crafted from quality components, this is the standard seat used in all Stryker and Adventurer models. It's designed to be comfortable for extended periods of time on the water. This seat folds.

  • Deluxe Comfort Seat

    The standard seat used in all Super Vee, Super Vee Pro, Columbia and Intruder models. This is a step up from the Comfort Seat and it provides more cushioning and more comfort. This seat folds.

  • Folding Seat

    The standard seat used in all Blackhawk, Free Drifter, and Talon models. (Shown here with vinyl insert). This is similar to the Deluxe Comfort Seat but it also folds! It's perfect for easy storage when not in use.

  • Guide Seat

    Ultra-plush and comfortable, this upgraded seat comes standard in Formula Vee models. Shown here with optional side armrests, this seat model is designed specifically for fishing guides.

  • Trail Boss Suspension Seat

    Standard on the Pacific and offered in all Intruder and Formula Vee models. Reduce shock and vibration on the water for a ride that's more smooth.

  • Side Bench Seat

    This bench seat provides generous and comfortable seating along with dry storage for your belongings. A livewell can be added as an option.

  • Convertible Sleeper Seat

    This seat stands apart because of it's functionality; it easily converts to a bed when you can't get enough of your favorite fishing spot. It comes with two bars for easy sleeper seat assembly.

  • Deluxe Comfort Bench

    This upgrade from the standard bench seat is more deluxe and more comfortable with more padding so that you can enjoy more time on the water.


Arm rests and your choice of base (stand, box, or storage box) are available as optional add-ons for an extra fee.

  • Storage Seat Boxes

    Alumaweld's storage seats are another unique detail you'll find in every Alumaweld seat. Check out these seat box features:

    • Stainless steel relief cables prevent springing the hinge.
    • Thicker material for strength.
    • Blind rivets. Alumaweld boxes are watertight. Blind rivets are used to secure
    the stainless-steel hinge because they provide an optimum seal and are very
    • Four lips. To seal out moisture and make a truly watertight seal requires the area around the top of the box to be constructed with four lips...anything less and your belongings will get wet.
    • Painted inside and out. Painting the entire box keeps your valuable and clothes from being stained by bare aluminum.
    • Lockable for security.
    • Stainless steel hinges for superior strength.