At the heart of every Alumaweld

State-of-the-art engineering is the core. Every Alumaweld is therefore better by design. Exact engineering allows critical tolerances to be maintained, resulting in superior construction, ride, handling and performance.

Optimum Freeboard

The angle of the sidewalls have been carefully developed to assure security dryness and exterior freeboard (the distance from the gunnel to the water) for optimum seaworthiness in rough water. Too much sidewall flare and your freeboard is reduced - you'll suffer through a wet ride trip after trip. 

Pre-formed Parts

The chine, keel and gunnel extrusions on Alumaweld boats are all pre-formed so that all welds occur in a "stress-free" environment. 

Exclusive Extrusions

Heavy-duty extrusions are continuously welded and deliver unmatched strength. This is critical and aids in design consistency and construction integrity. 

Full-length Box Girders

Alumaweld's box girders are continuously welded the entire length from the rear of the transom all the way to the forward bulkhead. These massive box girders provide the ultimate bottom support with optimum structural performance. The result is unparalleled strength. 

CNC Router Machine

Precision material cut-out resulting in exact tolerances and unrivaled consistency from one boat to the next.

Continuous Welds Throughout

Every Alumaweld boat relies on continuous welds for superior strength. Partial or "skip" welds can break easily unlike continuous welds that add toughness and long lasting durability.


Having our own on-site canvas and upholstery division enables excellent quality control and consistency. 

Lots of storage

Generous glove boxes are only one of several benefits of owning an Alumaweld boat. When it comes to storage, bigger is better and you will find that evident in every Alumaweld. From large, well-built storage seat boxes and storage bench seats, to bigger fish boxes, bow storage areas and under-floor storage opportunities that keep your essentials stowed, your boat uncluttered and everything you need aboard and at hand.

Super Strong Windshields

There's nothing flimsy about an Alumaweld windshield. They are built to be solid and provide a lifetime of trouble-free service. The frame's constructed from heavy duty aluminum that's custom fit to every boat for a tight, rattle-free seal that won't spread or spring. All-welded struts provide even more strength while tough laminated glass that's finished with an all-seasons, water tight molding completes this super-strong assembly. 

Custom Fit Tops

Every Alumaweld top is custom made for a proper, long wearing fit that provides optimum protection from the elements. Only the finest components are used: self-sealing thread to seal out water, premium hardware and SeaMark top material that's waterproof, shrink-proof and looks attractive.

State of the Art Paint Facility

Alumaweld's paint facility delivers a lustrous deep finish that adds a striking flare and look to every boat. Using only the finest paints, equipment and processes provides some of the best paint jobs in the industry. 

Custom Seats

Alumaweld's seats are custom made and feature two layers of foam for superior comfort and longevity, stainless fasteners that won't rust, no-pinch hinges for safety and roto-molded seat bottoms and backs that will never rot. Comfortable. long-lasting, and attractive, Alumaweld upholstery is created like every boat - for the long haul.

Quality Control Checks -  All 115 of Them

Doing it right the first time and assuring your satisfaction is a top priority at Alumaweld. Every boat has a "birth certificate" that's kept at the factory to track the history of each and every boat that's built. Every department and every individual that participated in the construction is listed and before an Alumaweld leaves one department and goes to the next, it receives a rigorous inspection. Every weld is inspected, water-tightness is assured through factory tank testing and 115, or more, critical checks are made through the construction of every Alumaweld boat. Tolerances are verified, seals are double-checked, hinges, cables, fuel tanks, flotation, paint...everything is carefully scrutinized. 

ArmorTech: High Tech Flooring

Alumaweld's ArmorTech flooring is the best in the business. A lifetime warranty against rotting or delamination. 

Dura-Tuff: A unique all-weather non-skid surface that is durable, easy to maintain and resists tearing. 

Pressure treated panels: Study  panels protected with Aqua Seal for long life and resistance to warping. 

Waterproof laminate: Provides added long-term protection from moisture. ArmorTech does not soak up water to add weight.