Yamaha Outboards

Yamaha offers a full model lineup in four stroke engines from 450ps to 2.5ps that deliver superb fuel economy and cleaner emissions. Outboards of 20ps and higher are equipped with high-performance fuel injection to take that performance to even higher levels. In many models, our advanced technology realizes acceleration performance and a lightweight, compact design.

Dark blue water. Miles from land. Nothing but you, your crew and the monsters raring to give you a run for your money. Year after year—your love of the offshore remains unchanged. Your tech on the other hand is always the most advanced—including your outboard. The all-new 4.3L V6 Offshore F350 merges all the best tech from our full line of outboards with some impressive tech of its own. The result is a perfectly balanced, deep breathing V6 that delivers jaw-dropping power and the best power-to-weight in its class—the new, 4.3L V6 Offshore F350.
Adrift from shore. Landless horizon.Nothing on your mind but the adventure ahead and the formidable offshore gamefish that await. That’s the beauty of having a reliable Yamaha 5.6L V8 XTO Offshore® behind you. Purpose-built for the rigors of the offshore, the XTO gives you extreme control, precision and durability—and now up to 450 horses. Go further and with more confidence than ever before—the Yamaha XTO Offshore F450 and F425.